4 Really Good Reasons to See a Therapist

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Finally! We’re emerging from the Stone Age and beginning to acknowledge all the behaviors and trauma we’ve tucked away for so long. Maybe you were raised to believe seeking therapy was weak; seeing a shrink was the real “crazy”. Not today – we know better. As some of our favorite celebs disclose their very personal battles with mental illness, everyday folks are starting to address their own. Here, four really good reasons to see a therapist.

“Anxious” is your everyday mood: We all get twisted up sometimes. But when you experience uncontrollable anxiety on a regular basis, it may be time to seek help. There are a number of anxiety disorders. A licensed mental health professional can help determine if your level of anxiety is typical or something more serious, and recommend treatment options accordingly.

You’re contemplating major change: Making life-changing decisions, like moving across the country, ending a relationship, or considering a career change, can be stressful. These kinds of decisions require more than an emotional response. If you find your pros and cons list isn’t cutting it, and your mother’s advice seems self-serving, sort it all out with the help of an unbiased, licensed counselor. Not only will you have support as you make your next move, you’ll learn tools to use in the future.

You’re living with a chronic health condition: If you are living with a chronic health condition, like diabetes, epilepsy or HIV, the chances you’ll experience depression increase. Persistent pain, anxiety and loneliness can wreak havoc on both the body and the mind. It’s understandable why people experiencing chronic illness may avoid social situations, but talking to someone you trust, and who’s qualified and committed to supporting you through hard times, may help make life a little easier. And remember, depression can also be a chronic health condition.

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When everything is going right: So, everything’s going exactly the way you’d hoped it would. You followed your heart, you made the move, you’re living your best life – yet, you can’t enjoy any of it, because you’re waiting for the whole thing to implode. Stop it! Obsessing over negative, future outcomes, especially WHEN THINGS ARE GOING WELL, is unhealthy. If you struggle with daily negative thoughts, and you can’t seem to shake these sad scenarios, enlist the help of a therapist who can provide you with some tools to use when negative thoughts threaten to steal your joy.

Listen, seeking help in an effort to live a happy, full life, isn’t weak. It actually takes a really strong person to admit life can be hard, and sometimes, having a little help while navigating through the tough stuff would be nice. If you struggle with anxiety, if you’re sad more than you’re happy, today could be the day you do something about that. Contact your healthcare provider, or try Talkspace, an online approach to traditional therapy, and start living your best life!

Cheers! Your future is bright!

One thought on “4 Really Good Reasons to See a Therapist

  1. I love this. Especially because you point out that a therapist can be an option for you even when things are not imploding. There’s no shame in seeking out counseling even though you are not in despair. Sometimes we just need an unbiased source to talk to and sort some things out. I hope this encourages people to realize that there is nothing wrong with needing a therapist at any point in your life. Take care of your whole self: body and mind. It’s all interconnected anyway.

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