It’s Your Mind … Change It If You Want to.

You are free to change your mind ...remember that. (2)

  • Cut your hair off – then, get a sew-in
  • Accept – then, decline his invitation
  • Become a vegan – then, eat a burger every-damn-day
  • Switch your major
  • Set out on a new career path
  • End that friendship

Do whatever you need to do in order to be at your best. You have the right to change your mind. Don’t apologize for that.

What served me at age 29, does little for me at 39. And that’s fine. I can be a flake sometimes. I make plans, then decide last-minute I’d rather stay home. I grab a bunch of new lip shades to try, only to tell the cashier at CVS, “I don’t think I want these after all – sorry”. I spend 45 minutes writing a piece, then backspace over the entire thing. Whatever. I’m consistent where it counts.

Indecisive? Maybe. But I sleep well.  I’m happy. My relationships are solid. I’m less anxious than I used to be. It’s all because I understand I have choices. And once you exercise your right to change your mind, no matter the situation, you might find you’re less anxious too. Obviously, the choice isn’t always ours to make. We’ll deal. That’s what adults do.

Don’t hold on to anything – beliefs, relationships, clothes (seriously) – that don’t fit who you are today. Take inventory, then, if you need to make a new choice, if you want to change your mind – do that!

2 thoughts on “It’s Your Mind … Change It If You Want to.

  1. Thank YOU for taking the time to read and comment on my post! I appreciate your feedback. And liiiiiiiisten, I’m just exercising my right to change it up too. I’ll say “NO” in a second – I’m lying; sometimes I don’t say nothin at all. I just do what I wanna do 🙂


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