It’s Not Too Late – Spring Clean Your Life!

Woman Laughing_CanvaAhhhh, restoration – it’s what spring is all about. We see the signs of season-change and act accordingly – trading boots for ballet flats, cleaning out our closets, and re-evaluating our winter regimen. We open the widows and let the fresh air in to do its job. Spring cleaning – that’s what we call it. Clearing our living spaces; purging the old in favor of the new.

What if we treated our bodies and minds with the same care –without thought, automatically?

This season, take the time to spring clean your life, clearing the clutter to make room for a healthier you! Here a few things to toss so you can make room for new growth in your life.

Old habits: We’re adults. “That’s just how I am”, may have worked in the past, but a grown woman does grown woman things. That means evaluating our attitudes and habits. If you’re stuck in a pattern of bad behavior – stop, evaluate, and make a new decision. Yessss, old habits die hard – but they do die. If you notice a pattern that creates chaos in your life, work through those issues, seeking advice from a licensed professional if necessary. Never let the shame of asking for help keep you from being at your best.

Old hurts: Just because we neglect pain – bury it, cover it – doesn’t mean it’s gone. It’s hidden. And at some point, like a seed in the spring – it will sprout. Those things that hurt us the most, will continue to cause pain if we don’t clean the wound. Old aches, left to fester, lead to resentment, bitterness, and even rage. When we give them permission to take up residence in our bodies – the brilliance of all we possess is paled. It can be scary to admit the things you hate are those things that have shaped you. Give up the hurt. It spreads. It infects all the wonderful parts of your life, and it robs you of joy.

Old relationships: Years ago, I read about this very simple method for measuring the health of relationships. It went something like this: If it doesn’t add value to your life, then it subtracts; and if it doesn’t multiply, it divides. I weigh nearly all relationships in this way today. When a relationship has run its course, and you’ll know, because it bears ZERO fruit in your life, don’t be afraid to free yourself from it. Whether a friendship, a romantic partnership, or familial bond, maintaining a relationship that causes constant anxiety, hurt and frustration isn’t self-care, and it shouldn’t be encouraged. Here’s a rule to remember, if the relationship isn’t reciprocal – end it.

Nothing ever stays the same, much as we may want it to. We should aspire to be like winter, spring, summer and fall; growing, the old self dying, and nourishing us for the coming season. Check your inventory, seeing what you’ve stored up and what you should toss out. That’s maturing. That’s being healthy. That’s real spring cleaning.





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